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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your railing strong enough for my active family?
Absolutely! Our railing is designed with your family's security in mind. All styles meet the highest standards.


Will Vinyl change colour or turn yellow?
No. Colour problems generally result from insufficient sun protectant. Our Vinyl uses high amounts of pigment and UV stabalizers to ensure its colour stability. That's 20% more than the industry standard. What's more it won't rot, chip, splinter or crack and never needs sealing or painting.


Will my Deck be safe when wet?
Definitely, yes. Both our Dock and Deck planks have an excellent slip-resistant embossed surface. Testing has proven that they perform well in wet and dry conditions.


Can my children go barefoot?
All of our vinyl products protect bare feet and hands by staying cool to the touch and sliver-free.


Can Vinyl deck be a fire risk?
Extensive testing shows that vinyl poses no unusual health risks when burned. The vinyl is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing.


Is your vinyl environmentally safe?

Our vinyl is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Our products eliminate the dangerous chemicals used to preserve, treat and clean wood fence and decks. At the same time this man-made product uses this industry by-products instead of endangered forests.