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Add to the beauty of your property with any of a variety of decorative styles of fence. They're versatile enough to meet any need, and never need paintin or staining. Ever!

Sound investment
As a fence project is a major investment, it is imperative that you consider the credibility, stability and integrity of the fencing manufacturer. The Fence warranty on our products is not only more inclusive than others, it is also backed by years of experience.


Peace of mind
Fence contains a specially engineered vinyl compound which cleans easily, repels stains, and withstands the sun's rays with more ultraviolet inhibitors than most vinyl siding companies use. They use no toxic chemicals on exposed hardware, so it is safe for both people and pets. Made from pure virgin vinyl compound, the fence is also 100% recyclable.


Personalize your railings
There are a whole host of ways in which you can configure your fencing to your exact requirements. Our wide range of decorative post caps, handrails and spindles mean that you're guaranteed to achieve the look you want.


Ideal for agricultural applications
Our extensive range of both square and round post and plank rails, sturdy post and rail gates, and Hub Rails mean that we have the solution for any agricultural need.